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From Tennis Pro to Realtor: Coaching Shamie to Her Dream Home

Meet my dear friend, Shamie. For the past 15 years, she's been more than just my personal hair guru; she's been a constant in my life, intertwining our journeys through career shifts and life's unexpected volleys. You see, before I delved into the world of real estate, I used to be a tennis teaching pro, and Shamie was one of my clients, exchanging her scissors for a racket during our sessions.

Recently, Shamie, the proud owner of the Shappoo Saloon in the charming town of Pittsboro, North Carolina, approached me with a significant ask – she needed help buying her new home. Her journey through this process mirrored the highs and lows of a three-set match, navigating twists and turns that kept us both on edge. There were moments when the odds seemed against us, making us wonder if victory was within reach. But, like a true champion, Shamie powered through, ultimately securing her dream house.

It's an honor to say that I was there to guide her through this rollercoaster of stress and anxiety, akin to coaching through a challenging match. And guess what? Her new home happens to be nestled right within the heart of her beloved Shappoo Saloon in Pittsboro.

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