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Excelsior Classical Academy: A Glimpse into Durham's Educational Haven

Have you ever wondered what makes a place truly special? For us, the answer lies in the heart and dedication of its educators, and we found that in Durham. Our decision to call Durham home was fueled by the passion and commitment of teachers like Paige Jenkins, a shining star at Excelsior Classical Academy and our daughter Maya's kindergarten teacher.

Originally hailing from Bristol, Tennessee, Paige embarked on her teaching journey at Excelsior in 2022, right after she and her fiancé, a recent computer engineering graduate from Wake Tech, decided to make Cary, NC, their new home. Paige's decision to teach in Durham was driven by more than just professional opportunities—it was about becoming part of a community that values diversity, equality, and a sense of togetherness.

When I spoke with Miss Jenkins to learn more about her love for teaching at Excelsior, her eyes lit up as she spoke about the classical approach to college preparatory education from kindergarten through high school. She believes in nurturing young minds not just academically, but also instilling a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Curious about why she chose Cary and Durham for her teaching career, we discovered that it was the community spirit that drew her in. Miss Jenkins expressed her desire for her students to grow in an environment that values safety, diversity, and equality. She was particularly enamored by the abundance of parks near her Cary home, providing families with spaces to come together for community events and celebrations.

In addition to her dedication to education, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about Miss Jenkins' talents beyond the classroom. Hiking and kayaking around the beautiful lakes of North Carolina are among her favorite hobbies, allowing her to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding her. But that's not all – she also has a passion for acting and singing, adding a creative flair to her already impressive skill set.

What truly struck a chord with us was Miss Jenkins' commitment to a career in diversity and equality. She shared her aspirations of working towards a model where children from less fortunate backgrounds receive fair representation. It's educators like her who go above and beyond, not only teaching academic subjects but instilling valuable life lessons in their students.

As we celebrate the remarkable teachers in Durham, Miss Paige Jenkins stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Through her unwavering dedication to education and her commitment to fostering a sense of community, she is shaping the future for her students, one classroom at a time. Durham, with educators like Miss Jenkins, is not just a place to live – it's a community that values excellence in education, diversity, and equality.

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